Our profile search and selection solutions allow you to outsource your IT hiring for your project.

Through a transparent, agile and efficient process, our team covers all the talent acquisition journey: search, requirement definition, and technical aspects.

We are always in contact with top professionals that are willing to work on amazing projects.

Key points

  • Made for each other
    Finding the right talent for your company is a process that is really complex and fundamental. In order to recruit the right candidate that your project needs, it is important to understand him, speak his same language and know where to find him. With more than 20 years of experience in the IT market, our recruiting team has an unique set of advantages: personal databases, access to well known industry databases, technical knowledge to evaluate the candidates knowledge and a deep understanding of different profiles and motivations.
  • A network that connect us
    Building long term relations is our main asset: we have our own database, that is constantly updated, with the best talent in the industry. We also have special agreements that allow us to extend our reach and have more efficient management.
  • Experts advice
    Each project demands certain expertise and knowledge. Our services include advice and human and technical support, necessary to find the profile that best fits every necessity.
  • Optimized Process
    Our process was created to answer the market needs. Our methodology answers to the highest quality standards, success rates, efficiency and reduces the operational load. We offer previous reports on the search, with quick references to the key aspects of the profile, documentations on the follow up, and extensive reports with all the key indicators to compare candidates. Our methodology makes it really simple to manage all the processes that secure success rates, adding efficiency and releasing you from unnecessary operative workload.
  • Transparent agreements
    We share all the information through the entire process. We have the highest standards when it comes to hiring people and make sure that all the regulations are respected. Our service canceling policies backs up one principle: if we don't find the right candidate for the position, there is no cost for you.

Service Reach

Screening ambiental.

Profile report with quick references

Search management

Technical and level management

Exams and evaluations

Different rates for exclusive search

Candidates follow up for three months after he or she starts working to monitor level satisfaction.

We guarantee candidate permanence for three months.

Our methodology

We have more than ten years doing talent searches, developing and optimizing our own procedures to make sure that our management is simple. agile and transparent. Our proposal gives complete visibility to the search, and reduces cost and efforts for your company.

Companies who trust us with our solutions

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